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Classic Wedding Cars in Sydney

We are also pleased to offer our range of classic wedding or bridal cars, in particular the most classic and distinctive Cadillac of the 1940s - the 1941 Model. For 1941 Cadillac dramatically restyled the front grille, making a very powerful statement of strength in its distinctive rectangular eggcrate grille. The headlights were for the first time incorporated within the front fenders giving this classic vehicle a lower and much sleeker shape. Our Cadillacs are designated "Model 61" which from the rear present as a classic and sleek fastback, so typical of vehicles in the 1940s. Because for the United States World War Two intervened in late 1941 and civilian production ceased soon afterwards, this style remained the same right through the War and beyond. Similar comments apply to our classic 1941 Buick Sedanette.

All our Classic 1941 automobiles have modern electrical systems which support radio/CD/MP3 players, and they are in the process of being installed with modern and effective air-conditioning systems.

Click on any of the pictures below to see the larger-sized photograph.

1941 Cadillac DeLuxe Touring Sedan

This Cadillac Model Year 1941 is considered to be one of the five classic defining models of Cadillac in its over 100 year history. Introducing a completely re-styled front and powerful rectangular eggcrate grille, it defined Cadillac style for a decade. In addition, General Motors executives were greatly influenced by aircraft design in the late 1930s and even had secret meetings with the aircraft designers, and these design styles were incorporated within the design of the 1941 Cadillac. This can easily be seen by viewing design sketches and photos of the vehicles from above.

Our DeLuxe Cadillac is beautifully appointed with large luxuriously soft seats - ideal for your classic wedding! Seats and headlining are in pale blue. The rear seats in particular are extremely comfortable with enormous amounts of leg room. After all, that is what Cadillac was renowned for - luxury!

1941 was also the first year that Cadillac introduced its first fully automatic transmission with the 4-speed Hydramatic system. It is truly an excellent system, and the gears change seamlessly.

Classic Wedding Car - Deluxe Touring Cadillac
Classic Wedding Cars - DeLuxe Touring Cadillac
Classic wedding cars - 1941 Cadillac Interior
Classic wedding car - 1941 Cadillac

1941 Cadillac Fastback Sedan

This is our second 1941 Cadillac classic wedding car. Purchased in the United States in late 2009 and imported to Australia it is identical to the classic DeLuxe Touring Sedan described above with only minor differences in the hubcaps and door trims. It too has the same Hydramatic automatic transmission.

Our second classic Cadillac wedding car has just been fully re-upholstered with plush ice-blue mohair upholstery. This gives a very luxurious feel. All the interior has been totally refurbished as befitting a Cadillac. Once again the rear seats are extremely comfortable with enormous amounts of leg room - ideal for your wedding dress!

In all our classic wedding cars (as with our vintage wedding vehicles) seat belts are not required, so there is no risk of crushing your wedding dress.



Classic bridal car - 1941 Cadillac Fastback
1941 Cadillac Fastback Interior - Classic wedding cars Sydney

1941 Buick Sedanette (Fastback)

This classic wedding car was also purchased in the United States in late 2009 and imported to Australia. Our Buick Sedanette is perhaps even more distinctive than our classic Cadillacs, and really turns heads! Like all our vintage and classic vehicles, it is mechanically excellent, its paintwork is superb, and its chromework is still in great condition.

Buick completely redesigned the 1941 Model to give its vehicles a much sleeker and classic fastback appearance. The 1941 Model was lower and sleeker than its 1940 predecessor, and has a very distinctive and impressive chrome grille. Because it is a two door coupe, it has a particular sleek rear appearance. In fact many enquiries for our classic wedding vehicles have actually been for this one because from behind it "looks like the Batmobile"

The Buick Sedanette was recently re-upholstered in tan broadcloth similar to the original style. While not quite as plush as the classic 1941 Cadillac seating, its seats are extremely comfortable. There is very generous leg-room in the rear despite being a two door coupe.

Classic wedding car - 1941 Buick Sedanette
Vintage wedding car Loretta at Balmoral Beach
Classic wedding car - 1941 Buick Sedanette Interior
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