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We include below more information about our Company and Services. Should you have any question not answered below, or require more detail, please don't hesitate to either call or email us - see details under Bookings and Enquiries, or call 0420 290 865.

When Were You Established?

Fifth Avenue Vintage Automobiles is fully accredited for wedding vehicle hire with NSW Transport and Infrastructure (accredited in 2009). We remain a boutique firm for those that appreciate fine and rare motor vehicles from the past and want something different to the vehicles provided by the major wedding car hire firms. While we may never grow to the size of our larger and more established competitors, we do promise a very professional and personalised service, and a very special experience ....

Where are you Situated?

We are situated in Croydon, in the Inner West of Sydney. This location is very central and convenient to most parts of metroploitan Sydney.

What are your Areas of Operation?

At this point of time we are limiting operations to greater metropolitan Sydney.

When are You Available for Weddings and School Formals?

We are available to supply our Vintage Wedding cars for Weddings and School Formals, seven days a week. Please contact us as soon as practical because we like to go carefully through the arrangements for your Day to make sure all timeframes are reasonable and can be met. We also recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment.

What is Included With Your Vintage Wedding Hire Vehicles?

All our Vintage Wedding vehicles are fully chauffered with drivers dressed elegantly in black trousers with white long-sleeved shirt and black vest, black bow tie and black peaked cap. For our wedding hire vehicles we include the standard white satin ribbons on the vehicles and the red carpet to protect the Bride's gown as she alights from the vehicle for the ceremony. We also provide complementary champagne and bottled water for the Photoshoot, plus a number of savouries.

Of course sometimes things don't always go to plan! We have no control over the weather so we have precautions against rain with a number of large umbrellas. We promise to keep the Bride and her party dry! All our automobiles carry first-aid kits, minor sewing materials and some cleaning cloths and wipes and cleansers - just in case!

What Do You Charge for Wedding Hire of your Vehicles? When Do We Have to Pay?

We understand that most people planning their weddings are very cost conscious. Weddings are expensive and budgets can easily blow-out. At Fifth Avenue Vintage Automobiles, we have purposely structured our business to keep overheads as low as possible. Consequently we are able to pass on the savings to our clients. We also understand that many clients would prefer a fixed cost for hire of our vintage wedding vehicles. That way you can be assured that there is no blow-out in costs should unexpected delays occur due to bad weather or poor traffic conditions, etc. Please contact us at any time for an obligation free quotation.

Every wedding is different, and there are many possible combinations of our Wedding vehicles. In coming up with our quoted cost, the factors we take into account are expected length of time of the engagement, the vehicles and number selected, the amount of driving and kilometers expected, proximity to our base, etc. Our gallery pages provide a broad range of costs for a standard 3.0 to 3.5 hour wedding. We are confident you will find our costs great value and very competitive.

If you decide to book our Vintage Wedding vehicles, we request a $250 booking fee which forms part of the total quoted cost. This booking fee is needed to secure the booking and locks the particular vehicles in to do your Wedding. It is, however, not refundable should you change your mind and do not wish to proceed because it is needed to meet our costs so far, and also because we may have declined another engagement in order to do your Wedding. We normally request the balance of the total cost no later than two weeks the date of your Wedding. The dates for payment will be clearly set out in our quotation, together with our full booking terms and conditions.

How Much Time Should We Allow for Wedding Car Hire?

That is entirely up to you! We are always ready to accommodate what you want. After all it is YOUR Day!

However, it is important to be realistic when planning your times for your Wedding and making travel arrangements with vintage wedding cars. Every couple wants to do so much on their Wedding Day ... and it is very easy for time to get away. It takes time to complete the service and to be greeted and congratulated by your guests afterwards this may take longer than planned. It may take some time to get to the Photoshoot and the photos may take longer than expected. And then there may be a substantial drive to the Reception. All these factors (and more) can often result in you reaching the Reception half an hour or more after originally planned unless things are properly planned. Also most Weddings are held on a Saturday afternoon and many couples want their Wedding and/or Photoshoot near the city, so traffic can often be slow at that time. This too should be allowed for.

Finally, whilst our Vintage automobiles easily keep up with normal suburban traffic, because of their size and weight they don't have the same acceleration as a modern vehicle. Because they are large vehicles they need a wider turning circle, so turning in confined streets usually takes longer, plus driving in convoy pattern always takes a bit longer. Also, the limit of their speed on motorways is about 70 to 80 kph. Consequently it is wise to allow a few extra minutes for each transport leg on the Wedding Day.

We will be pleased to go through all the issues regarding your arrangements and our vintage wedding vehicles, and come up with a realistic travel schedule to accommodate your plans.

1930 Engine - Vintage wedding cars and classic wedding cars Sydney 1930 Engine - Vintage wedding cars and classic wedding cars Sydney 1930 Engine - Vintage wedding cars and classic wedding cars Sydney

Are Vintage Wedding Vehicles Unreliable and Prone to Break-Down?

NOT SO! ..... that is if a vintage automobile is well restored and maintained. The engine of a vintage vehicle and its mechanicals are vastly simpler than a modern vehicle and any issue can often be rectified by a small adjustment - if that is ever needed. If a modern vehicle breaks down, then that is it - it usually has to be towed away because something has happened to one of the myriad of computers or sensors, or some other vital part.

To ensure reliability, all our vintage automobiles are meticulously maintained to a set schedule, and have been restored mechanically and their engines generally fully reconditioned. Our vehicles have all been upgraded to a modern 12 volt electrical system and have heavy duty truck batteries. The benefits of modern electrical systems are much greater durability and they permit installation of radio/CD players.

All chauffeurs are trained to deal with minor problems such as changing a wheel should there be a puncture. If in the very unlikey event the worst happened and one of our automobiles broke-down and could not be recovered, we have other vintage vehicles in our fleet that can come to your assistance. However we appreciate that that may take some time and it may be quicker to call a taxi to the venue ... at our expense of course.

Are Vintage Vehicles Safe to Ride In?

All privately hired vehicles MUST be fully registered with Service NSW (RMS). Each of our automobiles have been issued full safety compliance in order to be registered. Like all legally registered motor vehicles on our roads, they are fully insured against damage and injury to others (compulsory third party insurance).

We mentioned elsewhere that seat-belts are not required. This is permissable under the RMS rules, mainly because they were not required by law at the date of manufacture and their impracticability given the vehicle's body construction. But it is also true that there is a general exemption given the way vintage vehicles are driven ... generally very safely. We believe our vintage automobiles are at least as safe to ride in as a modern vehicle because of their very solid steel construction (each weighing over 2 tonnes), passengers sit higher and more enclosed than other vehicles, and they are not capable of high speeds. They are also very visible to drivers of other cars on the road who are more likely to keep a safe distance away.

Please note there is a legal requirement that persons under the age of 16 must not ride as passengers in the front seat if there is no seatbelt. Also children under the age of 7 are not permitted to ride in any vehicle, including vintage wedding cars, unless there is a properly fitted child restraint, which are not practical in our vehicles.

May we Smoke, Drink or Eat in Your Automobiles?

By law, smoking is NOT permitted in any vehicle conveying public passengers, including vintage wedding vehicles.

The NSW Transport and Infrastructure license conditions stipulate that neither the driver nor any passengers may eat, drink or smoke in any vehicles used for private hire.

Is Fifth Avenue Vintage Automobiles Accredited?

Fifth Avenue Vintage Automobiles has in place rigorous standards for operating and maintaining our vintage wedding vehicles, which have met the requirements of NSW Transport and Infrastructure. We are also fully accredited with NSW Transport and Infrastructure as a private hire car operator for Weddings and School Formals only. Our licence only allows us to accept work from advance bookings for such activities, and we are NOT permitted to ply for business on the street (like a taxi does). Our Certificate of Accreditation Number is 36330.

Should you have any questions not answered above, or you wish to make a booking for any of our vintage vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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