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Wedding Services and Arrangements

At Fifth Avenue Vintage Automobiles we work with you to go through in detail your Wedding Day transport arrangements. All the details are summarised in a Wedding Booking Schedule, and is updated from time to time should there be any changes. By carefully preparing a Wedding Booking Schedule, and keeping it up to date, we ensure there are no slip-ups on the Day.

As we work together to plan your transport arrangements we lock in the selected wedding vehicles and chauffeur(s) for your Day. Typically the principal will be present with you on your Day as one of the chauffeurs. As a result you can be confident that there is complete control over your engagement to ensure you get the vintage or classic vehicles you booked ... and on time.

This personalised approach is the hallmark of our Company. There is no possibility of mix-up of vehicles, etc. that can happen in other large hire firms where there can be a disconnect between the people who plan the engagement and the chauffers who carry it out. We are determined to make sure that everything is just as you want it. After all it is your Special Day!

Our Special Wedding Automobiles

We do hope you will see our vintage wedding vehicles as being part of the theme for your Wedding , and the backdrop to your Wedding party. Why settle for a standard vehicle service when you can hire vehicles that are unique in Australia? Each of our limousine-sized Buicks, Cadillacs and Lincoln wedding vehicles are one of a kind - there are no others like them!

Our Vintage Buick wedding vehicles, "Loretta" and "Gable", are colour-matched to midnight blue with black guards (fenders), and matching pale yellow pin-striping. They both have plush mohair velvet upholstery, spacious cabins with generous headroom, gleaming chrome and elaborate original fittings. Our "Loretta" provides the special touch of history and romance for both the bride and her father and/or the bride and groom after the ceremony. Our 1930 Buick Opera Coupe "Greta" is very similar in body style to "Loretta" but is stunning in cream and red, with black guards. She provides a beautiful accompanyment to the other vintage Buick wedding cars, and really stands out!

Our 1931 and 1933 Cadillac limousines ("Gilbert" and "Baxter") epitomise class and luxury in the early 1930s, both being very exclusive and expensive vehicles in their day. Our 1931 Lincoln limousine "Spencer" is a very exclusive motor vehicle with enormous road presence. Only the very rich or gangsters could afford that vehicle in one of the worst years of the Great Depression.

Loretta and Greta are prefect for the end of reception as a romantic getaway for the bride and groom.

At the Photoshoot complimentary champagne and refreshments are provided as part of the service, as well as red carpet for the Ceremony entry. And of course we have on hand other things that may become necessary on the day (but we hope not!), such as umbrellas, sewing materials, cleaning cloths and wipes, and cleansers, etc ... just in case!

Vintage wedding car Greta at the Domain
Vintage wedding car Loretta at Banjo Paterson Restaurant
Vintage wedding car Gable at Parramatta Park
Vintage wedding car Baxter at North Richmond
Vintage wedding car Loretta at Camden
Vintage wedding car Gable - Vintage wedding cars and classic wedding cars Sydney

Either before or at the time you come to view our Vintage automobiles we discuss with you all the details of your Wedding transport arrangements, and summarise all the details in our Booking Schedule.

All chauffeurs are professional and courteous and trained to help at every stage of your Wedding Day. All our wedding vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and waxed to ensure they will look their best on your Day.

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